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Apple’s decline, still have competitive

Apple yesterday in 1xbet economic newspaper reported early this morning, Apple’s third-quarter revenue of $ 42.4 billion, down from $ 49.6 billion in the same period last year net profit of 7.8 billion dollars, down 27% $ 10.7 billion in the same period last year. In the past three quarters, total sell 40.4 million iPhone handset, though fell 15%, but slightly higher than Wall Street expectations.

In greater China, Apple’s revenue fell 30%. Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple’s business in China better than the results shown, his long-term potential growth opportunities of the Chinese market is “very optimistic.”

“If you go to study our market share data, will find that the share will jump for each new product launch, so all we need to do is innovating like mad, will be the best smart phone in users ‘ hands, if we can do that, we can have a very good market performance. “Cook said.

Not only that, the Cook through the 1xbet economic news expressed concern about new technology represented by the AR technology, changes to hardware products as well as future services, to try to keep Apple’s innovation. Fierce competitors fight in China, both in the research and development side or the production side, even on the channel, they are full of competitiveness.

Garnett also play next season, playing 22 years old maximum

As long as no big surprise, Kevin Garnett will continue to play in 2016-17, this will be the 22nd season of his career. NetEase sports informed Wolf King has decided to play one more season, provided that the season without a major injury and discomfort.
Zhiqian, 1xbet sports news Kevin Garnett is considering retirement, he in the summer of 2015 and the Timberwolves signed a 2-year, $ 16 million contract, after playing last season’s game, Garnett injured the back body. Wolves boss Taylor has revealed that Garnett was hesitating whether to retire, on the one hand he wants to continue to play one more season, but on the other hand, knee injuries made him a bit daunting.
A Garnett side tell NetEase sports, Garnett has decided to play in the future of the 2016-17 season, provided that the new season without a major injury, physical discomfort, “he has decided to play one more season, completed the final year of the contract, and then retire at the end of next season. Although he still have some injuries, but insisted on playing next season. “If Kevin Garnett played again next season, it will be his 22nd season, becoming effective player for the longest in NBA history, previous record is Robert parish played 21 seasons. Retired after the end of the season after Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan in the NBA for 20 and 19 seasons, respectively.
Meanwhile, 1xbet data display when playing Garnett will become age the most active NBA player. On May 19 this year, the students landed in the 1995 NBA player spent 40 years old birthday. Last season, Garnett averaged less than 15 minutes, 3.2 points and 3.9 rebounds per game.


A Quick Guide to Transport Options in Chicago

With any unfamiliar city, getting your bearings and knowing how you can travel to your next destination is very important. With that said, here is a detailed list of the many transport options that you have at your disposal when visiting the Windy City.

Firstly, regardless of where you arrive in Chicago, there are ample vehicle rental solutions that can make it easy to get to where you need to be. You can pre-arrange a hire vehicle yourself from one of the many transport hubs, or instead opt for a Chicago Union Station or Midway airport limo service.

There are many benefits to investing in this kind of chauffeured solution, including the pleasure of being taken to your destination in maximum style and comfort, and the fact that you do not have to pile onto the city’s public transport with thousands of other people at peak times of the day.

Full details of Union Station and Midway airport limo service options and vehicle rental can be found by searching online for the names of companies that deliver these kinds of services. There are several reputable service providers in the city that can deliver this kind of solution, so take the time to look around to find one that meets your needs and fits your budget.

If you are arriving at Midway airport yet do not wish to invest in a limo service or another chauffeured transfer to your destination, there is also a frequent shuttle bus service which takes passengers to and from the airport to various locations. These include downtown Chicago along with major suburbs of the city. Currently, the company Go Airport Express is operating this service.

The other major airport of the city is O’Hare International Airport, which again boasts a frequent shuttle service in addition to taxi and limo transfer services. Details of various services at both airports can currently be obtained by visiting the Chicago Department of Aviation(CDA) website which sports the brand name “Fly Chicago”.

There are also several regional buses serving both of the airports, run by the companies Act II Transportation, Coach USA/Tri-State, Coach USA/United Limo, Pace Bus, Peoria Charter, River Valley Metro Mass Transit District and Coach USA/Van Galder. Services and operators are liable to change however, so please check information thoroughly before planning your journey.

For those arriving by train there is an equally large number of transport options. As well as the choices of taxis, rental vehicles or a limo service, travellers can enjoy Amtrak links with surrounding areas as well as the city’s Metra commuter rail lines.

The Metra connects the city center with many outlying suburbs and offers very frequent departures and reasonable fares. Buses are also a convenient option when travelling in Chicago, and it is possible to by 1-day tickets that allow unlimited travel by rail and bus throughout the city. There is also a rail option to O’Hare International Airport.

Last but not least, tourists will enjoy the city’s Water Taxis, which are a unique and fun way to travel.With fares slightly more expensive than other travel options, these taxis take in a variety of sights but are also a quick and reliable form of transportation.

Whether you are looking for a Midway airport limo service or a water taxi ride to take you to visitor hotspots such as China town or your train connection at Union Station, there is a transport option that is perfect for you in this well connected city. Take your time to consider all your options in advance of your journey to ensure problem-free travel.

Fundamental Information About Sea Freight

Ocean cargo has been the conventional method of transporting freight utilizing maritime vessels. It is typically dependable and savvy. Rates are typically figured in view of cubic meters and up to the port of destination. There are regular extra charges and obviously, you have to deal with traditions expenses. Be that as it may, the aggregate expense is sensible contrasted with airship cargo. The most imperative archive for ocean freight is the Bill of Lading.

This is the report gave by the bearer of the transporter’s specialist to the shipper. Bill of Lading serves as formal assention for the carriage of relegation things. It is the receipt for products that have been acknowledged for transport. This BOL must be introduced at the port of destination. This report gets to be accessible pretty much four days taking after the boat’s flight.

Ocean cargo has a noteworthy favorable position. Holder boats can convey vast volumes of stock for protracted separations. Mass freight can be put away in holders or essentially set in beds. It truly does not make a difference since the boats will pass on the freight to its destination port. In actuality, land cargo has a littler volume and constrained access. In addition, items that are conveyed by a few trucks can be conveyed by a solitary vessel in one voyage.

For long separations, ocean transport is more secure than area. Trucks will need to arrange unpleasant and new territory. There is dependably the danger of capturing, theft and street mishaps. Ocean travel is smooth. Boats can likewise dock amid stormy climate. Trader shipping firms can simply look for Coast Guard help for hazardous waters of theft issues.

Ocean cargo is more moderate contrasted with area transport. The last turns out to be more costly since it requires a greater number of faculty and assets to encourage the transport. One boat can store a wide range of merchandise. It has enormous refrigeration offices for products that require chilly temperature at all times. Maritime vessels likewise have expansive capacity territories. Trucking space is restricted and isolate vehicles are expected to pull refrigerated things. The main burdens of ocean shipment are velocity, route and additionally climate conditions.

A wide range of dispatch can be transported and conveyed by sea tankers. These incorporate general load, outsized and substantial stock, mass freight, refrigerated items, and risky things. In any case, you have to secure various types of licenses and pay the comparing custom expenses for particular relegations. Cargo forwarders can furnish you with evaluations of charges and documentation administrations.

The Beautiful Mount Of Beatitudes On The Sea Of Galilee


The Mount of Beatitudes is accepted to be the setting of Jesus’ celebrated Sermon On The Mount, found in Matthew Chapters 5 through 7, and there is additionally a short form in Luke 6: 17 – 26. This is Jesus’ longest recorded sermon, and it depicts the qualities He was searching for in His adherents. Every joy is in direct difference to qualities appreciated by society. Christ even goes so far as to let us know that as we endeavor genuine endeavors to build up these characteristics, we will discover restriction all over the place, Matthew 5: 11 and 12.

The “amphitheater” where Christ remained as He conveyed the Sermon on the Mount is determined to Mount Eremos. This is likewise comprehended to be the site where Jesus met His Apostles after His revival and charged them to “make supporters of all countries,” in Matthew 28: 16. It is here that we locate a delightful sanctuary worked to honor Jesus’ sermon to His devotees. Franciscan sisters manufactured the sanctuary in 1938, and its eight sides symbolize the eight “delights” that started His sermon.

1) Blessed are the poor in soul.

2) Blessed are those that grieve.

3) Blessed are the accommodating.

4) Blessed are the individuals who craving and hunger for exemplary nature.

5) Blessed are the tolerant.

6) Blessed are the immaculate in heart.

7) Blessed are the peacemakers.

8) Blessed are the individuals who are mistreated for exemplary nature’s purpose.

The wonderful perspectives found at the Mount of Beatitudes, the slopes and lake, offer more than just photograph opportunities. While those possess large amounts of and around the grounds, the Mount of Beatitudes offers a spot to consider reality taught there by Jesus, the Author of all truth. Jesus drew on the magnificence and excellence of the slant and encompassing zone to outline His sermon focuses. Matthew 6: 28 – 31, “and why stress over your garments? Take a gander at the lilies of the field and how they develop. They don’t work or make their apparel, yet Solomon in all his grandness was not dressed as delightfully as they seem to be. Also, if God watches over wildflowers that are here today and tossed into the flame tomorrow, He will unquestionably tend to you. Why do you have so little confidence?” Jesus talked the words to the “worriers” of the main century. By contrasting blooms with individuals, Jesus looked to comfort those listening that day, who simply like us, stress over tomorrow, and regret what happened yesterday. Jesus utilized truth about nature, its excellence and capacity to “simply be” to facilitate the tensions our day by day lives can bring about! When you hear the wind stir through the leaves, or listen to the smashing waves, that steadiness ought to quiet us since God’s loyalty is evident His creation.

From the Mount of Beatitudes you can see the distance over the Sea of Galilee, 13 miles, and to put everything in context, as we take in that breathtaking, serene sight, it is more than just a pleasant perspective. It is a lesson in living with Christ as the focal point of your life. On the off chance that you can abandon your stresses, and build up the character of Christ you will see much more remote than thirteen miles.

Travelers have recognized Jesus’ sermon here since the fourth century. The remains of a little Byzantine church dated to the late fourth century (300 – 400 AD) have been found downhill from the present house of prayer. It has a stone cut reservoir underneath it and the remaining parts of a little religious community toward the south. Part of the mosaic floor was recouped and is currently in plain view in Capernaum – where we will have the capacity to view it.

Amid this time two ladies attempted outings to the Holy Land, a Spanish pious devotee named Egeria and Constantine’s mom Queen Helena. Egeria put in three years going through Palestine and her compositions affirm a number of the Holy destinations in and around the Galilee locale including the Mount of Beatitudes.

Helena is rumored to have had the best effect on what we see today in the Holy Land. Somewhere around 326 and 328 AD, Helena left Rome and headed out to Palestine. A few records make them go with a substantial Roman escort befitting an imperial voyager; a few records have that company as the tenth Roman Legion whose military locale was Palestine and Jerusalem. Whatever or whoever she went with, she visited numerous destinations in the Galilee district, Jerusalem and even Mount Sinai in the Sinai Peninsula where a house of prayer at Saint Catherine’s Monastery-regularly alluded to as the Chapel of Saint Helen-is dated to the year 330 AD. As she went all through Palestine she cleared out directions for holy places to be based on destinations portrayed by local people as spots where Jesus taught and served. Ruler Helena went to locales associated with the natural existence of the Savior, supposedly fabricating more than eighty chapels, including one on the Mount of Olives where the Lord climbed to Heaven; and one at Gethsemane where the Savior implored before His sufferings. Helena went to areas, people groups, and urban areas, where she was probably gotten with the service due her stature. Helena, much the same as other imperial voyagers, offered blessings on the occupants of urban communities, displayed gifts to the troops, supported the development of open structures (i.e. places of worship), and decorated the current havens where she went to. It has been said that wherever she chose to manufacture a congregation, she would leave an unexpected of warriors to complete her desires, so today, despite the fact that we are taking a gander at more present day structures than the Byzantine chapels Helena had built, we can at any rate express gratitude toward her for distinguishing the locales.